The SCRR is on the move
Jerry and his wife decided to move closer to their youngest son to see the grandkids more and get the help old folks need. So the SCRR  is becoming a 'FALLEN FLAG' as they call a railroad that is gone. Hopefully it will be resurrected in Kansas.

For anyone wanting to see what the SCRR used to look like click on this link.


The Spring Creek Railroad
G Scale Model Railway
Conductor Jerry Barnes
Engineer Jerry Barnes

Jerry and his wife Sylvia work together on the Spring Creek Railway which is at their home in Lexington, NE. USA
Jerry looks after the railway end of things and Sylvia is in charge of the landscaping and gardening It's easy to see that they make a 
great team.

No more runs through the tunnel. Buyers are keeping the pond/waterfall. 
The 14' metal bridge will be taken down in the moving van.
Track is off the trestle, inside loop to follow. Jerry will take the bents, but the current plan in his head does not call for them. (I'm sure that will change several times over the course of the reconstruction.)*
The rail yard is picked up and the building will be coming along also. He may put a bottom on it this time. A ground squirrel next was found inside!
The town is gone, just the streets remain. The one house is a bit out of 
scale for his railroad so is giving it to a friend.
Jerry labeled the track so it could possibly be back in the same bend. 
Curves were labeled and held together with zip ties to group them.
Jerry hauled the track  to Kansas in his pickup.
With his 1963 Ford Galaxie was following.
Jerry plans a raised layout using 4 landscape blocks in height. To use his bridges he is dividing the layout in two sections, the gap in between will have the bridges. Outdoor carpet down on the ground should eliminate and weeding in there.   20' diameter curves at the ends, length to be determined by budget/wife.
* Denotes author's notes