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Marty Cozad's Steam Up 2007
Jerry went to Marty's again with the Mike, it ran GREAT!  To top it all off, he won an Aristocraft UP boxcar at the banquet. Aristo sent some cars as door prizes. It was his first new car, he had always bought used or made his own! Over 100 train people attended. The event gets bigger each year. 4th weekend in Sept at Nebraska City, NE.

Photo by Stan Cedarleaf
Jerry's Mikado live steamer at Marty's made the cover 
of Steam in the Garden

A shot by Stan, a closeup of the Mike 
before the first run
Jerry went again to Marty Cozad's annual meet.
The Mike ran very well. Here it is on Marty's
famous big bridge
Ron Teten came to help Jerry, he mostly ran the steamer
while Jerry talked and took the pictures. Stan Cedarleaf 
took this pix
Jerry met Ron Senek, whose wife Holly took this 
picture. He also has a Mike-he's from Nevada and got
some good pointers on how to run and NOT run the
Mike. :-) Jerry made some mistakes so Ron would learn,
but he never burned his fingers like Jerry did
Jim Carter took this nice shot Sunday morning of the good plumes Jerry got in the cool/humid morning air
Stan also took this picture of the Mike 
on Marty's big bridge
 Sunday morning was a bit cooler and he got 
some good plumes
 Here you can see the full train Jerry was running.
The yellow Monan cars were a good ebay buy. 
Jerry would follow the train around to make adjustments 
and monitor the track to make sure he did not run into a 
slow train. Sometimes, up to ten were going on the double 
track main line. He was tired after a long weekend of this! 

Use the following links to view the video clips of this event.

Mikado at Marty's Video Clip Two


Jerry went to Marty's again this year.
This time to double head the live steam Mikado with Ron Senek's(Nevada)
They had a good time with them, using the same R/C controller
for both engines they ran very well.

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